Roof Structures

Looking for a roof structure to stand out from the rest? Trust RASE to deliver.

This is where the magic happens, the centrepiece of any event. Give your performers the platform they deserve & your audience an experience to remember. With a wide selection of roof structures to choose from you're sure to find the perfect stage to suit.

12 x 10m Eurotruss Saddle Roof

The impressive 12 x 10 m Saddle roof is the ideal centerpiece to any large outdoor event. Boasting ample performance space & versatile rigging possibilities, this structure will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. With various bolt on options including PA wings, Ramp access and Cow sheds, the 12x10 is a versatile structure with plenty of presence. 

10 x 8m Eurotruss Saddle Roof

With the same great look as the 12 x 10, the 10 x 8m Saddle roof is the perfect solution for smaller events that want to maintain that big festival feel. Offering the same bolt-on options as it's bigger brother, but with a lower weight capacity and smaller truss components, the 10 x 8 is a big festival stage without the big festival transport and labour costs.

8 x 6m Eurotruss Arc Roof

The larger sibling of the 6 x 4m Arc Roof, this canopy allows for a larger performance area and more rigging options. With the addition of PA wings, the 8 x 6m Arc roof makes a big impact both as a mainstage, or as a second stage.

6 x 4m Eurotruss Arc Roof

This classic stage shape is perfect for corporate fun days, sports events and small festivals. The 6 x 4m Arc roof offers an impressive weight loading for a stage of it's size and offers a generous performance area.


6.8 x 3.8m Trilite Roof

The 6.8 x 3.8 m Trilite roof structure is light, easy to transport, & convenient to set up. This makes it the perfect addition to any event which requires a fast setup time while maintaining the look of a serious stage.  The Trilite roof has the added bonus of being made up of small, light weight components. Meaning it can be built in tight spots that vehicles can't access.

5x4m Square Roof

Our 5 x 4m square roof is constructed with high strength Prolyte H30V truss to create a great looking structure in a compact footprint. The 5 x 4m is ideally suited for small bands, DJs or outdoor presentations. By reducing the leg height, the 5 x 4m turns into a perfect front of house structure. It's quick to build and benefits from low transport costs thanks to its efficient design.