Roof Structures

Looking for a roof structure to stand out from the rest? Look to RASE.

This is where the magic happens, the centrepiece of any event. Give your perforers the platform they deserve & your audience an expirience to remember. With a wide selection of roof structures to choose from you're sure to find the perfect stage to suit.

6.8 x 3.8m Trilite Roof

The 6.8 x 3.8 m Trilite roof structure is light, easy to transport, & convenient to set up. This makes it the perfect addition to any event which requires a fast setup time whilst also providing the perfect podium for speeches & artistic acts alike. The structure can also be utilized as smaller secondary stages at festivals, or as technical cowsheds.

6 x 4m Eurotruss Arc Roof

Our 6 x 4m Eurotruss Arc roof is compact, yet makes a big impact with its sleek arcs. If you're looking for a canopy for a party, or event up to 500 people then look no further! The platform is perfect for hosting small bands or for corpotate events which need that extra wow factor.

8 x 6m Eurotruss Arc Roof

Boasting a similar sleek style to the 6 x 4 structure, this canopy allows for a larger performance area and more rigging options. With the addition of PA wings, the structure can really make a big asthetical impact to compliment medium and larger events.

10 x 8m Eurotruss Saddle Roof

Our saddle roof structures are perfect for those larger events which require space for multiple performers and need to accomodate a bigger crowd. Cowsheds can also be added to the sides of our saddle roofs to accomodate technical & side of stage areas.

12 x 10m Eurotruss Saddle Roof

The impressive 12 x 10 m Saddle roof is the ideal centerpiece to any large outdoor event. Boasting ample performance space & versatile rigging possibilities, this structure will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. The frontage can also be extended by 4 m on each side to accommodate PA system, or LED video screens.