From small format point source, to large line array. We've got a sound solution.

Clear and precise delivery of audio is key to any event. Meticulous system design, planning and infrastructure are needed to create the perfect system suited to each particular event space. With a team that posses a wealth of experience in system implementation, and audio systems from world-class manufacturers, we can provide you the cutting edge in audio systems.

With our extensive stock of audio equipment including specialist microphones, DJ Equipment, large scale sound desks, audio distribution, and personal monitoring equipment, we've got you covered. We've undertaken some ambitious projects in our time, and always provided solutions which are inventive and provide rock solid reliability. This is possible thanks to the infrastructure we stock, which has enabled us to implement creative solutions such as running audio across lakes with fibre, distributing audio hundreds of meters with Neutrix Xrium, and providing cardioid PA systems with TW audio.

The latest & greatest

Our system technicians use the latest tools in acoustical replication and analysis to tailor each system for the specific application. From small point source systems, to large line-array, our technicians get it spot on, every time. We're regular suppliers to events such as festivals and concerts, as well as corporate events such as brand promotional events, company celebrations, and large scale company wide meetings.

Our expertise in audio systems supplement our other areas of strength to give you a turn-key package for your event production requirements.


Whats on offer

  • Sleek corporate systems
  • Large format line array
  • Industry renowned mixing consoles
  • Audio distribution systems
  • Extensive stock of microphones
  • IEM Systems