Whether you're looking for an elegant colourful wash, or energy filled eye-candy. Let us light the way.

The artists brings the music, the lighting makes the performance. There is so much more to a well-designed lighting rig than simply a few lights on stands. That’s why we make sure every lighting design matches the event it’s accompanying.

From ensuring speakers at a corporate conference are clearly lit for delegates and cameras to see, to big lighting effects that tingle the visual senses, we know how to design a lighting rig that fits the bill.

Understanding all the attributes a lighting fixture offers and how best to use those effects helps to create stunning eye candy that ties in seamlessly with the performances the artists have worked so hard to create. We stock current fixtures and timeless effects to create versatile lighting rigs that allow our lighting operators to provide look after look all day long.

Bringing bright ideas to reality

Controlling the lighting is just as important as the lights themselves, which is why we stock a whole host of lighting consoles from leading manufactures ensuring we turn up with the best control surface for the lighting package.

Moving head hybrids, profiles and washes, LED PAR cans, strobes and blinders, vintage effects special effects and video visuals. It’s all in stock, all prepared and all comes with our help and support to ensure you get the best for your event.

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    Whats on offer

    • Corporate & festival packages
    • Intelligent moving heads
    • A range of lighting control
    • Wireless DMX
    • Wired & wireless up-lighters
    • Lighting stands & truss
    • Smoke & effects