Miles & Barr Awards Celebration 2019

St Augustines - Westgate On Sea

This January, Miles & Barr celebrated its 20th year since the companies founding, and to really make the celebration something special DPS were called in to provide full technical production including audio, lighting & video.
The awards were held at the magnificent St Augustine’s venue, within the ruby room and chapel, with Jules & Feather Entertainment providing their incredible La Tour function band to get guests out of their seats.

A selection of lights were thoughtfully placed to provide a diverse pallet of lighting possibilities for both the presentations and the evening celebrations. DPS's new Prolight Jade’s were used to create a professional and sleek look whilst presentations were taking place, filling the chapels celling with an elegant wash of colour to emphasise the stunning beauty of the venue.

The Jades were also used within the ruby room whilst guests were dining to create an immersive environment, filling the room with tasteful textures. When the evening came around however, the Jades were put into action to fill the chapel with some incredible lighting states which really helped to enhance the atmosphere for the celebrations. This just shows how diverse these hybrid beams can be, boasting a wide range of gobos for projecting unique textures, and having a wide zoom range from 2 degrees to 23 degrees to provide either an intense spot of light, or a sophisticated wash of colour from its extensive colour pallet. Its 280w of power and array of features mean it’s a fixture suited to a wide range of applications.

As well as the 8 moving heads, two uprights were used either side of the stage to add some interest, featuring the Luxibel B blinded, Showtec Sunstrip, and LED batten fixtures.


To really make a lasting impression, Miles & Barr requested DPS's huge 5.3 x 3.1 rear projection screen, which was specially adapted to adopt the 16:9 ratio, making presentations and video content look truly stunning with an impressive cinematic effect. Our Prolyte H30v truss was employed to create the goalpost structure for the screen to sit within, with a span of truss running from the centre to hang the Panasonic 7K projector from, which produces a clean, crisp image even in challenging, well-lit environments. To help presenters feel at ease, a 21” comfort monitor was used on stage.

What would a party be without crystal clear, full range, high fidelity audio? To create a celebration that guests could never forget, 8 elements of the D.A.S Audio event 210 line array system, coupled with 2 Event 218A subwoofers provided a great sounding PA for La Tour to perform through, but also allowed every guests to hear each presenter clearly during the awards ceremony.

Audio can be troublesome in a challenging environment such as the chapel, as the room has a long natural reverb, however DPS were able to design a bespoke solution to overcome such challenges, with each event 210 element having an excellent dispersion pattern which covers each row from front to back with defined audio.

Each member of the band were equip with the new Shure QLXD wireless system belt-packs and Beta 87a wireless microphones, which allowed performers to wander and interact with the audience, whilst giving our FOH engineer clear, uninterrupted audio to mix with. The QLXD system with the QLXD1 beltpacks allow presenters and performers to wander within 100m of the receivers, whilst the QLXD2 wireless handheld transmitter with the Beta 87a capsule gives exceptional clarity for speeches, and musical performances alike.

Meticulous planning, preparation and efficient execution allowed for an event which ran with fluidity. For such a special occasion, guests expectations were high, and with the impact and atmosphere that was created by DPS, these expectations were surpassed to create an event that delegates could never forget.