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Open Air Festivals
RASE provides complete turnkey packages. As well as the all-important technical equipment required to make festivals happen, RASE provides roof structures, bar infrastructure, site power and noise management. We have an in-house solution for all. RASE Productions Limited is well versed with supplying sound coverage for up to 20,000 people, accommodating orchestras, bands and electronic artists as well as supplying visual effects, lighting setups and video solutions. The RASE team know how to run a stage in the most efficient manner possible, meaning all you need to keep an eye on is the all-important bar sales!
For festivals or events hosted inside large Big Top spaces, rigging solutions are often limited, preventing the installation of complex and impressive lighting and audio set-ups. RASE has a range of ground supported, self-climbing structures that can be designed around the space, creating the perfect backbone to any indoor lighting, video and audio solution. Unshackle your creative ideas and overcome these obstacles with a bespoke solution tailored to your event.
Indoor Festivals
Touring Facilities
Touring acts who need a knowledgeable partner to take care of their technical requirements need look no further than the team at RASE Productions. Offering complete touring packages, or supplementing a venue's audio and lighting systems, RASE has a reliable, efficient solution in stock ready to be incorporated into any custom touring or temporary solution.
Looking for crystal clear audio? Seamless video transitions? Stunning on screen presentations? It's what we do! AV is one of the most important elements of any conference, with delegates relying on clear communication of audio and visuals to understand the presenter’s message. RASE stocks the very best in AV systems to ensure audio and video are delivered clearly, precisely and without hindrance, allowing presenters to focus on the important matters.
Corporate Conference
Christian Conferences & Festivals
From in-house services to large open air or indoor festivals, RASE understands how important worship is for attendees and how vital relaying messages is. Fully integrated audio, lighting and video systems bring so much more to the worship environment, bringing power and life to worship bands whilst ensuring speeches are heard by all.

    Ready to make your vision a reality?

    Our team are ready to help it happen! We know planning an event can be a mammoth task, RASE can help take off some of the weight by supporting you every step of the way through every technical element of your production. We're on hand to supply you the expertises, man hours, and resources to make your event a blinding success.